I'm here to bring you on a journey of learning how to feel powerful as f*ck in this meat suit we call a body.


If you're sick of feeling stuck, I'm here to help.


Do you feel like you've jumped from diet to diet without satisfaction? 

Are you sick of working out all the time without seeing any progress? 

Do you feel like it's difficult to eat the food you love without guilt?

Are you constantly viewing your health with a restrictive mindset?

Are you sick of diet culture targeting your insecurities? 

Do you finally want long term changes to feel effortless?

If this resonates with you, I completely understand and I'm here to show you a new way.

Because once upon a time, I felt the exact same way.  

With over 12 years in the pole dance community, and over 8 years as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I know that there is never a one size fits all approach.

Most health programs like to focus on the "quick fix" and they don't focus on the long term approach.

My approach doesn't have a sexy sell...but IT WORKS. And better yet, it's sustainable. 

I'm here to educate you on how to fuel your body with the food you love, see better performance in your fitness and change your perspective on health.

It is my absolute mission to work with you and do everything I can to show you how you harness your inner power to build a healthy, strong, powerful body that you are proud of. And to show you how to live your life in abundance.  

This is an intensive 90 day program that includes:

  • Ebooks, recipes, nutrition resources

  • Customized nutrition

  • Weekly accountability Zoom calls

  • Weekly goal setting

  • Help with recipes and meal prep

  • Work with mindset around health and nutrition

3 payments of $360 OR 1 payment of $900  (Save $180!) 

"I don't even recognize the first photo! It's crazy to see what the process looks like...I didn't even think this kind of change was possible back then. 

This is the strongest I've been even pre kids. I can't believe what my body is capable of. Thank you so much for everything over the past year. I feel like a new person, but also more like myself than ever. "