6 Week Meal Prep Series

This 6-week series will have you prepared with nutrient dense, high protein, delicious, healthy meals that will help you reach all of your goals. 
Each week you'll cook a whole new menu, get nutrition tips, and help as you navigate your journey towards better health!


Week 1: Sweet Potato Hash, Stuffed Sweet Potato, Turkey Chili 
Week 2: Overnight PrOats, Burrito Bowls, Cashew Chicken Casserole
Week 3: Breakfast Sandwiches, 3 Bean Salads, Acorn Squash Curry
Week 4: Yogurt Parfait, Taco Salad, Turkey Burgers
Week 5: Protein Muffins (sweet), Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps, Thai Chicken 
Week 6: Egg Muffins, Turkey Wraps, Meatballs
**Vegetarian options will be provided**
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Nutrition Basics 

This educational course is designed to help you get out of the yo-yo diet trap once and for all. This self paced course teaches you everything you need to know to make life long nutrition changes. 
What you'll get:
  • A self guided course dedicated to habit changes, tracking your nutrition intake, meal timing and recovery
  • The Shape by Stace Calculator. This shows you the breakdown of how to calculate your food! 
  • Ebooks and resources to help support your journey.
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Nutrition Basics + PowerFUEL Protocol Bundle

You'll get everything included in the Nutrition Basics course and combine this with 6-weeks of lessons that will teach you the power of the SNACKS system (Strength, Nutrition, Accountability/Action, Critical Thinking, Knowledge, Sustainable System). 
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Shape By Stace: Pole Edition

12-weeks of pole fitness workouts that will build endurance, build a strong physique, and teach you how to finally get that handspring! This also includes the Nutrition Basics course so you can navigate your nutrition with ease!
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