Pole Edition: Registration Closed!

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What is this program all about?

SHAPE BY STACE is a program that prioritizes your health so that you can perform better in your daily life and become a badass on the pole. Not only will you will receive customized calories and macronutrients, but also the education on how to fuel your body for your own specific needs, pole tricks, and body goals. 

This is NOT a diet. This is a foundational, educational course to teach you how to get stronger on the pole and eat the foods you love while changing your mind, body and spirit. 

What can YOU expect?

Customized calorie and macronutrient goals

You will receive a complete calorie and macronutrient calculator that will help you establish your baseline calorie, protein, carb and fat goals.

Weekly accountability

Weekly group Zoom check ins with me to assess how your week has gone and if changes need to be made. Need more support? I'll be adding weekly or monthly video chats for those who need it. 

Educational videos

Each week you'll have a new workout to complete! These are easy to watch tutorials that will consistently build and challenge you as a pole dancer! 

Educational Ebooks

You will receive my 33 page FitFlexyFresh Cookbook with loads of great recipes, along with my ebook all about macronutrients to help you navigate the program with ease! 

A supportive group of individuals with similar goals

Because it's easier to succeed as a team! 

Access to a nutritionist and pole professional whenever you're struggling

I'm here for you to support you on this journey! You can text or email me anytime and I'll always get back to you ASAP! 


"The nutritional knowledge and body awareness learned from Shape by Stace has been essential to transforming my body and my pole game. The knowledge I've gained extends past the program, and affects how I approach other workouts as well. The weekly exercises are well explained, nothing overwhelming, and modifications are given to meet you where you are. I love how each week has a different focus, such as form, grip, lengthening and strengthening. It's been a awesome way to level up my conditioning during quarantine. Learning about nutrition has taken my body to another level, and I can feel confident in how I fuel my body, and nourish it to stay healthy during these Covid times."

- Jessi, Client