#CreativeConditioning Pole Program

**Previously know as "Shape By Stace: Pole Edition"**
8-weeks of pole conditioning workouts to improve your strength, flexibility, and performance in the air!
This group coaching program will include 8-weeks of self-paced workouts to help you build strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility on and off the pole.
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What can you expect from #CreativeConditioning Pole Program?

8 weeks of educational videos and weekly workouts

Each week you'll have a new workout to complete! These are easy to watch tutorials that will consistently build and challenge you as a pole dancer! 

Facebook Community with Weekly Workouts Posted!

You'll gain access to the private #CreativeConditioning Facebook group that will be a place to connect with other pole dancers! I will post weekly pole conditioning, mobility, and cross-training workouts there. I will also be posting information about how to nourish and take care of your body while you are working on your performance goals.  

Access to a nutritionist and pole professional whenever you're struggling

I'm here for you to support you on this journey! Even though this program is no longer live, You will have access to me and the opportunity to schedule calls and ask questions. 

BONUS: You'll also receive access an additional 2-weeks of handspring conditioning. 

Oh, and one more bonus: You'll get access to the self-paced "All Things Nutrition" course to help you bridge the gap and make you a stronger pole dancer! 

"The nutritional knowledge and body awareness learned from Shape by Stace has been essential to transforming my body and my pole game. The knowledge I've gained extends past the program, and affects how I approach other workouts as well. The weekly exercises are well explained, nothing overwhelming, and modifications are given to meet you where you are. I love how each week has a different focus, such as form, grip, lengthening and strengthening. It's been a awesome way to level up my conditioning during quarantine. Learning about nutrition has taken my body to another level, and I can feel confident in how I fuel my body, and nourish it to stay healthy during these Covid times."

Jessi L.
#CreativeConditioning Pole Edition (previously Shape By Stace: Pole Edition) 

#CreativeConditioning Pole Program

SHAPE BY STACE is a program that prioritizes your health so that you can perform better in your daily life and become a badass on the pole. Not only will you will receive customized calories and macronutrients, but also the education on how to fuel your body for your own specific needs, pole tricks, and body goals. 

Join For Only $59! ($199 Value)

Who is #CreativeConditioning for?

Anyone who has been taking classes, but doesn't have a plan of action to build strength and is confused how to get there. 

You feel like you've been trying but it's hard to see progress.

You feel stuck or that you've hit a pole plateau. 

You're training for an upcoming competition/performance and you need the extra conditioning accountability. 

Someone who is willing to invest time and effort into themselves at least 30-minutes a day 3X per week for 8 weeks.

 #CreativeConditioning is NOT for:

Anyone who is not willing to try something new with an open mind. 

Someone who has a "quick fix" mentality. 

Someone who isn't committed to putting in the work when things get challenging. 

Anyone who uses excuses not to do the work needed to get stronger. 

Hi, I'm Stacey!

I’ve been a pole dancer, nutrition, and fitness professional for over 14 years. That’s almost half of my life! I had no idea how pole was going to change my life when I walked into that classroom. Now I’ve created a career as a health, fitness, and nutrition professional that specializes in working closely with pole dancers of all levels. I started my pole career in Baltimore, MD working all over the DMV area and eventually making my way across the country. I now live in San Diego, CA teaching both online and in person classes. 
My goal is to help you become stronger and confident AF as a pole dancer, athlete, and just as a person living their best life. Pole changed my life and I want to show you how it can change yours with the #CreativeConditioning Pole Program! 

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Give me 8-weeks, and watch yourself turn into a strong, powerful pole dancer that can take on any challenge! 

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