Teaching balance through mindset,nutrition, and movement. 



Work closely with me to become strong, powerful, and educated on long term habit shifts that will allow you to reach your goals and beyond! 


15 Meals in 60 Minutes!

A 6-week meal prep class that will help you stay on track during this holiday season! 


"For as long as I can remember, I struggled with disordered eating. I come from a family where food was equated with happiness and comfort, and serving sizes didn’t exist. I struggled with crash-dieting for years. I would work out and had no idea why my body wasn’t changing. 

Soon after I started working with Stacey, all of that changed. Just with minor changes to my nutrition, I started losing inches off my waist, which I never thought would happen. I’m actually eating more calories than I was before! I never feel hungry, and I always feel good. In fact, before I started working with Stacey, I’d regularly wake up feeling bloated. That rarely happens to me anymore, and now when it does, I know why.

Other than the visible results, the true wins from this program came from within. I have a lot more confidence in my body now. I used to have awful self-talk. I look at my body and smile now. The mind-body connection is the real gain I achieved from working with Stacey. That is one of my most noteworthy achievements to date."

Emily S. 

"Nutrition has never come easily to me, after battling with low calorie dieting, paleo and keto attempts I was very frustrated, exhausted and unhappy. In just 3 months with Stacey Shapiro I have learned how to properly energize my body so that I feel full, satisfied and begin progressing towards my physique goals.

Before I found Stacey I was miserable; eating just two eggs for breakfast everyday and napping through lunch to try to restrict calories. Now I have a plethora of fantastic and delicious recipes to meal prep for a full breakfast, lunch, dinner and MANY snacks in between. I'm napping less, working out more efficiently and honestly just enjoying myself and what I'm cooking. Thank you so much Stacey!

I am so glad to have made this life change and can't wait to explore and perfect my nutrition options in the days to come."