Are you ready to get PowerFUEL? 

The #PowerFUELProtocol will teach you everything you need to create a customized nutrition plan that will help you build strength, lose body fat, and never diet hop again.  

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We get started Monday, February 7th! 

Have you been working out, eating healthy, and just can't seem to see the results you're looking for? 

It all seems so simple, right? Eat less and more more. And then your best friend does keto, sees great results, but can't seem to keep the results. So what gives? 

It shouldn't be this confusing. And it doesn't have to be. 

This is why I've created the #PowerFUELProtocol. The ultimate 6-week group program that will give you the education, accountability, and support to become stronger, leaner, and feel amazing in your body. 


Join the PowerFUEL Protocol

Customized Nutrition

You'll learn how to customize a nutrition plan based on your individual needs and goals. 

Coaching & Support 

There will be 6 educational classes, 6 live calls, and a private page for group support.

Goal Setting & Accountability

You'll be tracking your progress and getting weekly goals to accomplish customized to your needs. 

Hey, I'm Stacey! 

I'm a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of individuals take become stronger, leaner, healthier, and more confident without needing another diet ever again. 

I've struggled with nutrition, body image, and understanding what works FOR ME for most of my life. I've been able to take all my trials and tribulations to FINALLY find a system that works. And I'm here to share that with you. 

I'm now here to teach you simple tools that actually work. No more yo-yo dieting or questioning what you should be doing. 

The #PowerFUELProtocol is for you if:

  • You want to build lean muscle mass and lose body fat.
  • You're sick of jumping from diet to diet. 
  • You want to know the science behind your nutrition plan. 
  • You're an action taker and just need some accountability. 
  • You've started your journey towards better health, but just feel stuck. 

"I don't even recognize the first photo! It's crazy to see what the process looks like...I didn't even think this kind of change was possible back then. 

This is the strongest I've been even pre kids. I can't believe what my body is capable of. Thank you so much for everything over the past year. I feel like a new person, but also more like myself than ever."

Jessi L. 

"Working with Stacey helped me remember what health and fitness felt like. When I said the words "I can't." She pushed me to see that I could. She showed me ways of working hard for myself, inside and out. Having Stacey by your side is an amazing experience. She's tough, fun, and really gets to know you and your capabilities. She is there with you to help share some of that accountability. I have lost over 50 lbs."

Kala T. 

"Stacey gets it. She listened to my goals, knew exactly what to do, and was with me each step of the way. She helped me achieve a total body recomposition and best of all, we had a blast doing it!."

Khat S. 

Are you ready to become PowerFUEL? 

No more guessing, no more diet jumping. I'm here to help you learn, take action, and feel amazing in your body.

With over a decade of experience helping thousands on people become stronger, confident, badass humans, I know I can help you too. I'm so sure that if you don't see results during this program, I'll give 100% of your money back. 

Join the PowerFUEL Protocol

What happens after you join the #PowerFUEL Protocol?

Upon enrollment in the #PowerFUELProtocol, you will be sent an email confirmation from me with instructions on how to use the program along with dates and times for live calls. 

We will officially kick things off October 4th! I can't wait to work with you! 

And yes...there will be donuts ;)