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Learn how to navigate your nutrition habits to reach your goals, create a healthy plate of food, how to feel confident eating out, and much water you really need. PLUS, bonus recipes for those who want to cook.




Nutrition isn't always that simple. At first at least 😉

As a coach and an athlete, I can tell you that it's easy to want to jump to the next best diet fad when you feel stuck. However, jumping from diet to diet wont give you long term success. Building strong nutrition habits will!

If you're feeling:


  • Tired when you workout
  • Like you workout all the time but can't make any progress in your physique or your performance
  • You're just not sure what to eat for optimal results
  • Feel like you're getting injured or sick more than you should
  • Like you're sick or always feeling for the next quick fix.


then... PowerFUEL is for you!


What's included?


  • An easy-to-follow visual showing you how to create a healthy plate of food.
  • Grocery suggestions
  • A guide showing how to guesstimate food when eating out.
  • A hydration guide showing you exactly how much water you should be drinking as you increase your exercise.
  • 4 easy-to-follow, healthy, delicious recipes to help you in the kitchen!
  • 4 Journal templates to help you hit your goals.


I'm Stacey!


I'm a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of individuals take to become stronger, leaner, healthier, and more confident without needing another diet ever again.

I've struggled with nutrition, body image, and understanding what works FOR ME for most of my life. I've been able to take all my trials and tribulations to FINALLY find a system that works. And I'm here to share that with you.

I'm now here to teach you simple tools that actually work. No more yo-yo dieting or questioning what you should be doing.