"For as long as I can remember, I struggled with disordered eating. I come from a family where food was equated with happiness and comfort, and serving sizes didn’t exist. I struggled with crash-dieting for years. I would work out and had no idea why my body wasn’t changing. 

Soon after I started working with Stacey, all of that changed. Just with minor changes to my nutrition, I started losing inches off my waist, which I never thought would happen. I’m actually eating more calories than I was before! I never feel hungry, and I always feel good. In fact, before I started working with Stacey, I’d regularly wake up feeling bloated. That rarely happens to me anymore, and now when it does, I know why.

Other than the visible results, the true wins from this program came from within. I have a lot more confidence in my body now. I used to have awful self-talk. I look at my body and smile now. The mind-body connection is the real gain I achieved from working with Stacey. That is one of my most noteworthy achievements to date."

- Emily S.  (Los Angeles, CA)

"Nutrition has never come easily to me, after battling with low calorie dieting, paleo and keto attempts I was very frustrated, exhausted and unhappy. In just 3 months with Stacey Shapiro I have learned how to properly energize my body so that I feel full, satisfied and begin progressing towards my physique goals. Before I found Stacey I was miserable; eating just two eggs for breakfast everyday and napping through lunch to try to restrict calories. Now I have a plethora of fantastic and delicious recipes to meal prep for a full breakfast, lunch, dinner and MANY snacks in between. I'm napping less, working out more efficiently and honestly just enjoying myself and what I'm cooking. Thank you so much Stacey! I am so glad to have made this life change and can't wait to explore and perfect my nutrition options in the days to come."

-Brittany (Baltimore, MD)

" Life happens and Stacey definitely helped me understand that and build habits that I can only see living with me for a really really long time! Prior to joining Stacey's program, I wasn't really sure what to do in regards to dieting/eating habits and I was scared on going back to the gym due to my shoulder injuries. I was intermittent dieting a whole lot which seemed to help shave off pounds but I would plateau just due to inconsistencies in my life style. Working out was tough too because I felt always depleted after about half an hour in addition to fears of re-injuring myself. Enter Stacey. She taught me the importance of building better habits and leaving diets in my past. Additionally, she made me actually want to go to the gym as I was starting to feel energized more consistently and more confident in myself no matter how low the weight was (albeit, it was still just enough that if I were moving in slow and controlled motions I'd still be pouring sweat!). 
I cannot recommend Stacey enough, especially with her own her experiences, and how she taught me the healthy habits will be the most beneficial through life. Cause life happens; we get sick, we go on vacations, we have family events where we can't always be consuming the nutrients we should be, but it's all ok! Granted that might all seem like common sense to people, but I wouldn't have learned it if I didn't build up that habit first. I nowadays feel like I'm more conscious by what I put in my body but straying from it now and then will not be the end of the world. I'm still working on building a body and mentality that I will be happy with in the long run, but the progress I've had with Stacey so far has been the most rewarding thus far from all the things I have tried in the past.
I cannot thank Stacey enough for helping show me the light, teaching me more about the health market out there and the deceptions that might have now and then, and being with me as I built those habits to improve my physical performance and to become happier with my own body!" 

- Kevin (San Diego, CA)

"Training with Stacey is the best decision you can make - and I can say that because it's one of the best ones I've made. She pushes you in every workout to help you achieve more than you thought and maximize your performance by tailoring the workout to your goals and any restrictions you have all while being so so supportive. She makes working out fun because she's always so upbeat and positive and it really builds your confidence being around her. Stacey guides you to eat in a way that your body will respond do while understanding that life happens and encouraging you to be flexible in your diet. All around, Stacey is the best trainer you can have so do yourself a favor and contact her!"

-Alexa (San Diego, CA)

"Put quite simply, Stacey is special in many ways. She will connect with you at once and design your workout for maximum effect. She is more than a trainer, she is also a friend who takes an interest in you and continually comes up with exercises that address your health and welfare. She genuinely cares about you. In the past, I had 5 trainers come and go in a year’s period at my gym, none of which I would stick with.  I have been with Stacey for over a year now, and would follow her anywhere  -to any gym she works at, but right now I have her come to my to my house and it is perfect!"

- Gay (San Diego, CA)

"Stacey gets it. She listened to my goals, knew exactly what to do, and was with me each step of the way. She helped me achieve a total body recomposition and best of all, we had a blast doing it!"

- Khat (San Diego, CA)

"Contacting Stacey was the best decision I ever made in my fitness goals. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but she is also the best cheerleader you could ever hope for. When I had my initial consultation, I could tell that Stacey was passionate about helping people reach their full potential in the gym and fitness goals. She is approachable, kind, and understanding. When I work out with Stacey, I feel like I am working out with a girlfriend. When we have our sessions, the time flies, and before I know it, my hour is up. She makes going to the gym fun, and each time we meet, I leave the gym feeling motivated and pumped up for the rest of my day.  She always makes my workouts challenging, but never overwhelming. I used to feel insecure in gym, but now I have gained confidence, and not just in the gym, but in myself. She has taken the time to listen to all my needs in order to design a program that has worked perfectly for my lifestyle. I have seen a huge change in my body and overall wellness since I have started training with Stacey. "

- Maggie (San Diego, CA)


"I was 215 lbs. I was unhappy and terrified to go back to the gym. I was also very intimidated to work with a trainer, especially a girl trainer. Working with Stacey helped me remember what health and fitness felt like. When I said the words "I can't." She pushed me to see that I could. She showed me ways of working hard for myself, inside and out. I have pushed through old injuries and fast weight gain with her help. Stacey helped me with my form in my work outs. She showed me the strength I didn't know I had and because of her help and drive I'm back to loving my body and working out again, and actually enjoying it. Having Stacey by your side is an amazing experience. She's tough, fun, and really gets to know you and your capabilities. She is there with you to help share some of that accountability. I have lost over 50 lbs. I'm not scared of any gym. I eat cleaner. I enjoy doing all different types of work outs and that is because of Stacey and what she taught me. I'm looking forward to working with her for a very long time. "

- Kala (San Diego, CA)

"I've been doing online training with Stacey for a few months now and the whole experience has been fantastic. Online training can be scary because you never get to see your trainer in person; it's important to feel like the lines of communication are open so when you have questions about your meal plan or workouts you know you can get answers fast. The fact that every time I text Stacey about my plan and she gets back to me within a few hours , shows me how focused she is on helping me achieve my goals. One thing I loved was that the meal plan she gave me included a variety of food so that I never get bored. Only people who have meals planned for them in the past can understand how refreshing it is to not see fish and asparagus every meal! As far as training goes, I wanted to be pushed and thats just what I got. As a person who has been training hard and steadily for a few years know its difficult for me to feel really "worked" by a training plan, but Stacey was up for the challenge and came up with a plan that sufficiently kills me every time. Simply put, Stacey is one of the friendliest and most committed trainers around, and if you follow the program she gives you, you will see results!"

- Steph (Baltimore, MD)